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3D Abrasive Waterjet Machining
That technology is characterized by using the ultrasonic velocity of focused water jet with abrasive particles. The focused water jet energy at high pressure about 4000 bar produces the erosion of workpiece on very thin field. The width of cutting kerf can exist in range from 0.1 mm at the pure water jet cutting to 1 mm at the abrasive waterjet cutting. That technology gives the possibility of cutting materials – from very thin foils to thickness above 200 mm.

This method permits to cutting machined surface with the same structural and strength parameters, that is very significant for components with high risk. The cutting technology is the additional cutting technology next to laser, plasma and gas cutting.

Abrasive waterjet machining portal machine with 3D cutter head

The AWJ cutting of materials are performed by WARICUT machine of H.G. Ridder company.

The AWJ machine can cut materials by using high pressure cutter head, which allows to 3D cutting. The application of that technology is widen by the CAD/CAM software.

The range of cutting:
axis X – 1550 mm, axis Y – 2025 mm, axis Z – 200 mm,
axis C – ±  540°, axis B – ± 90°.


AWJM offer of TiM High Technology is dedicated:
2D and 3D cutting of workpieces such materials as: steel, stainless, non-ferrous metal and their alloys, garnet, marble, sandstone, glass, polymeric materials, composites reinforced by fibres, laminates, ceramic, rubber, wood.

The offer is dedicated for decorative, building and industry

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